Special Events Contract

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    Each event has unforeseen variable's and clauses that will be added to the clients contract if necessary. These include but are not limited to: client's requests, uniform, breaks, meal/drink breaks, cancellations, time deductions, payment terms and ect. Please note: THIS IS A BINDING CONTRACT. If you'd like to receive information on rates and pricing please fill out our 'request a quote' form under event staffing and we will reply with an estimate of cost of services. Austin's Elite will provide one (1) hour of complimentary consultation, after that you will be charged by the hour for any kind of consultation and/or coordination. Complete this form to reserve services from Austin's Elite Staffing. Thank you for choosing Austin's Elite, we look forward to serving you!

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    Service Terms

    A 75% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking your needs to secure your reservation with us. The deposit will be based on the initial quote/invoice sent out for services. This quote is subject to change and be revisited based on execution of event.

    Service Terms: You acknowledge that by submitting this contract you are required to remit to Austin’s Elite the balance of the invoice for services requested for the date listed, no later than 72 hours after the event is closed and the final invoice is sent.

    The invoice provided is a pre event estimate based on your expressed needs. The final invoice will reflect any additional services/charges that may happen during the duration of your event.

    Coordinator/On-site Manager: After signing this contract all pre-coordination hours in relation to your event will be billed at designated hourly rate on quote, as well as during and after event.

    Staff Hours: Hours can increase from quote depending on execution of event.

    Staffing: Austin’s Elite shall hire, train, supervise, and deploy a sufficient number of properly trained representatives, agents, contractors and/or employees to engage with the client in a timely and efficient manner and to properly meet the client's and Austin's Elite obligations, standards and policies. Austin’s Elite shall closely monitor our team members for the duration of the contract to ensure a superior service to customers in compliance with this contract. Our team members will execute their duties and provide excellent service. If unforeseen circumstances arise and an Austin's Elite team member is not present for the event, Austin's Elite will give full bill rate to a new team member to ensure the position is filled.

    All positions cancelled within 48 hours are subject to a 4 hour minimum charge per person.

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