We are a community of service industry professionals that facilitate every avenue of event production.

We understand the value of a dollar in Austin and our mission is to ensure what you have earned is worth what you spend it on. Our team is prepared to execute the event with a system that is built around you. Our packages are unique. We fulfill all aspects of your event on one invoice, without the extra baggage. A one stop shop, from picking up your food, beverages, set up and service throughout the event. We have all the rentals necessary to deliver a beautiful scene.

Stress, time and money are all of the essence in this day and age. You tell us your vision, and let us paint it.

“What continues to set us apart is our dedication and passion for everything we put our hands on and our hearts into.”

Kim Haley, Founder

Kim Haley

Founder & Owner

I moved to Austin when I was sixteen years old. Becoming an adult in this city I learned the importance of community and sustainability. I have been in the service industry… read more

Mona K


Mona is a full time event professional. Born & raised in Texas, Mona has a true passion for southern hospitality. Working for Austin’s Elite has become more than…read more

Our Clients

The most successful event is the one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectation.