Cash Bar

Let us run your cash bar for you!

– Ensure your guests have an enjoyable time throughout the event.
– Mix and match various ingredients in order to create classic and innovative cocktails.
– TABC certification and compliance with all state laws and regulations.
– Disposable products will be supplied for all bar needs.
– We can apply/pull the TABC permit and Fire Marshall approval for your event
– We carry full liquor liability and general insurance for all events.
– One bartender per every 50 guests for a full liquor bar and one bartender per every 70 guests for a beer and wine bar.
– Provide, set-up & coordinate the point of sale system for your event
– Coordination/Management of the bar & all necessary product/gear to ensure a successful event
– Alcohol is only permitted in the controlled areas. If fencing is not up it will fall onto the client to provide the fencing for the outdoor area for their guests.
– All cash for drawers/tills must be provided by whomever provides the TABC permit.
– We will provide hotspots for POS systems. However if we are working in a no wi-fi service zone all declined credit card transactions must be paid on final invoice.

-Bar upgrades will have additional costs (tents, upgraded bar facade, beverage stations, etc:)

Required Fee’s
$400 for permits and insurance PER DAY of event (per travis county, unless cost changes with county)
Client/Host must provide security at all entrances and exits including all costs for this
Bar sales must equal $____/per person (based on style of beverages served ex: craft cocktail vs beer/wine only) on agreed upon head count of _____________. This covers beverages and product purchased. If bar sales do not reach this then it will be added to the final invoice. $_________ (total cost that needs to be met for products/rentals)
Products and set up of bars will be provided by us

Bartenders must make at least $20/hr in tips, if this is not reached it will be added to the final invoice deducting from what they made
If the bar sales and bartenders tips equal the required amounts above there will be no charge for either service provided

Invoice will be provided through Austin’s Elite

All sales will be on POS system and shown to client before close out of event on site

TABC Licensee Partner:
Crow Bar, 3116 South Lamar Austin, TX 78704