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Austin’s Elite is a unique event staffing and management company that can coordinate practically any kind of event from a 5-person dinner party to a 500-guest wedding. We do all of this behind the scenes so YOU retain superstar status with your guests!

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Thanks Rachel!

I may have had the most complicated wedding catering that ever was, but Lauren Gaudet made it work. She’s a magician. She spent hours on the phone with me and was so nice and patient with me!

We contacted a couple of staffing companies, but Austin’s Elite was the most accommodating. Most places wanted to charge a package price, but Lauren was able to put together a more a la carte service that suited our needs.

They mixed the margaritas, put together the buffet for us, served our pie, and cleaned everything up so we got our venue deposit back. I could not be happier with how everything went. Thanks Austin’s!!

Thank you Tiffany!

Austin’s Elite provided bar staff for our casual November outdoor wedding. I couldn’t be happier with my experience. They were easy to work with, the bartenders were prompt, helpful and super friendly.

Thanks Deanessa!

Wow….I will never go back to the days of hosting a party at my home without the help of Austin’s Elite. I have hired other people to assist with parties, but none were as knowledgable and as helpful. What made the difference for me was their flexibility, creativity and expertise; especially when it came to bartender skills and mixology technique in making unique drinks. The owner went out of her way to take elegant platters to our catering site, so food could be plated beautifully. I was able to explain exactly how I wanted things, and they executed this in a most efficient and competent manner. Everyone went out of their way to go above and beyond the bare minimum and tailor everything to our needs. What a most wonderful New Year’s Eve party we had. The best part, was getting to wake up the next day to a clean kitchen! It was a wise investment and well worth every dollar.