Throwing an event is HARD WORK

but you can relax, We’ve Got This!

Austin’s Elite is a unique event staffing and management company that can coordinate practically any kind of event from a 5-person dinner party to a 500-guest wedding. We do all of this behind the scenes so YOU retain superstar status with your guests!

“What continues to set us apart is our dedication and passion for everything we put our hands on and our hearts into.”

Kim Haley, Founder

Kim Haley

Founder & Owner

I moved to Austin when I was sixteen years old. Becoming an adult in this city I learned the importance of community and sustainability. I have been in the service industry… read more

Mona K

Human Resources

Mona is a full time event professional. Born & raised in Texas, Mona has a true passion for southern hospitality. Working for Austin’s Elite has become more than…read more

Lauren G


Lauren is a native of the good ole state of Mississippi. She spent fifteen years in Atlanta where she got her start in the service industry. She has done everything… read more

The most successful event is the one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectation.