Catering at the Austin Food & Wine Festival: A Comprehensive Guide

Catering at the Austin Food & Wine Festival: A Comprehensive Guide

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Austin, Texas, is a city known for its vibrant culture, live music, and exceptional food scene. The Austin Food & Wine Festival is the epitome of the city’s culinary prowess, showcasing an array of foods, wines, and interactive demonstrations that capture the heart of Austin’s gastronomic identity. But what if you’re a caterer trying to make a mark at this prestigious event? Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you nail catering at the Austin Food & Wine Festival.

Why Cater at the Austin Food & Wine Festival?

  1. Visibility: Thousands of food and wine lovers attend, providing a large audience for your culinary skills.
  2. Networking: Rub elbows with chefs, restaurateurs, and industry experts.
  3. Business Growth: Exposure at such a large event can lead to catering contracts and other opportunities.

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Pre-Event Planning


  1. Local Ingredients: Austin is big on locally sourced food. Research suppliers who can provide you with fresh, local produce.
  2. Trends: Understand the current food and wine trends in Austin. Go for trendy but also try to stand out.

Budget & Menu

  1. Costs: Consider all costs including ingredients, transport, staffing, and booth setup.
  2. Menu: Keep it simple but significant. Maybe introduce an Austin twist to a classic dish.


  1. Permits: Make sure you have all necessary permits including food handler’s permits and event-specific licenses.
  2. Insurance: General liability insurance is a must.

Event Day Tips


  1. Booth Design: Keep it functional but also make sure it embodies Austin’s spirit. Think rustic, but modern.
  2. Uniforms: Staff should look professional and perhaps have a touch of Texas flair.


  1. Batch Cooking: To serve a large crowd, consider prepping in batches.
  2. Tech Tools: Utilize POS systems for quicker transactions.

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Post-Event Best Practices

Feedback and Evaluation

  1. Customer Feedback: Collect feedback for continuous improvement.
  2. Self-Assessment: Evaluate the ROI and other metrics to assess success.


  1. Follow-Up: Send thank-you notes to clients, suppliers, and connections you made during the event.
  2. Social Media: Share pictures and testimonials from the event to keep the buzz going.

Not-To-Miss Austin Favorites

If you are catering, consider incorporating these Austin favorites into your menu:

  1. Brisket: This is Texas, after all!
  2. Tacos: A staple in Austin’s culinary scene.
  3. Craft Beer: Source some local Austin brews.
  4. Pecan Pie: A local dessert favorite.

By following this guide, you’ll be better equipped to have a successful and impactful presence at the Austin Food & Wine Festival. With meticulous planning, a dash of Austin charm, and a pinch of ingenuity, your catering business will surely be the talk of the town.

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