Farm-to-Table: Where Austin Caterers Source Their Fresh Produce

Farm-to-Table: Where Austin Caterers Source Their Fresh Produce

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In Austin, Texas, a city known for its lively music scene, technological innovation, and booming food culture, the farm-to-table movement is more than a trend—it’s a way of life. As awareness of sustainable food practices grows, Austin caterers are increasingly turning to local farmers to source fresh, high-quality produce for their events. This article explores some of the best local sources where Austin caterers can find fresh produce to craft delectable dishes that not only taste great but also contribute to the community and environment.

Why Farm-to-Table in Austin?

Farm-to-table isn’t just a buzzword in Austin; it’s part of a larger cultural focus on sustainability and community wellness. By sourcing from local farms, caterers can:

  1. Support Local Economy: Money stays within the community, bolstering other local businesses.
  2. Reduce Carbon Footprint: Less distance for the produce to travel means less impact on the environment.
  3. Enhance Flavor and Nutrient Value: Freshly harvested produce has better flavor and nutrient profiles.
  4. Promote Seasonal Menus: Seasonality can be a key focus, allowing for fresh and diverse menus year-round.

Top Farms to Source Produce in Austin

Boggy Creek Farm

A pioneer in organic farming, Boggy Creek offers a range of seasonal vegetables and fruits. They even have a farm stand open several days a week.

Springdale Farm

Just a few miles from downtown Austin, Springdale Farm offers over 75 types of vegetables. Their openness to partnerships with local businesses makes them a top choice for caterers.

Johnson’s Backyard Garden

With an extensive offering that includes more than just your staple fruits and vegetables, Johnson’s Backyard Garden is perfect for caterers looking to diversify their menus.

Green Gate Farms

A community-centric farm that focuses on organic produce and even offers farm camps for kids. Their selection is versatile and seasonally rotated.


Farmer’s Markets: A Weekly Bounty

Another excellent option for sourcing fresh produce is through Austin’s various farmer’s markets:

  1. SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown: Held every Saturday, a must-visit for locally sourced vegetables, fruits, and even flowers.
  2. Mueller Farmers Market: Open on Sundays, this market features produce, as well as artisanal goods.
  3. Barton Creek Farmers Market: Operating since 1997, it offers organic, sustainably-raised produce, meats, and other local products.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Several caterers in Austin have already established partnerships with local farms, setting an example for others:

  • Royal Fig Catering: Known for their dedication to organic, locally sourced food, they partner directly with farms like Springdale and Boggy Creek.
  • Catering with a Twist: This innovative caterer not only sources locally but also customizes the menu based on what’s seasonally available.


The farm-to-table movement in Austin is more than a culinary trend; it’s a reflection of the city’s dedication to sustainability, community, and, of course, good food. By sourcing produce locally, Austin caterers are not only improving the quality and taste of their offerings but are also contributing to a healthier, more sustainable future for the community.

So the next time you’re looking to cater an event in Austin, consider asking where the produce comes from—you may just find it’s from a farm down the road.

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