Tips for Making Business Catering Affordable

Tips for Making Business Catering Affordable

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With the high cost of catering, it is no wonder that many people are reluctant to offer catering as an option for business meetings. However, with a few minor adjustments, you can offer a high-quality menu that won’t break your budget. In fact, you may find that catering can bring in new business as customers view you as a catering-friendly business and a savvy money-handler. This article provides 10 ways to keep your business catering affordable.

1. Smaller Plates

People generally serve smaller portions than they want, especially when they are paying for the food. For this reason, it is important that you limit your serving sizes. If people order one serving of a dish, then it shouldn’t come in a bowl or plate larger than two or three inches tall. They will end up leaving food on the plate that they won’t eat anyway.

2. Non-Paper Dishes

If possible, get your hands on some sturdy ceramic dishes and bowls. Paper dishes are expensive, and people will tend to fill them with larger portions of food than if they had a smaller dish. If you can find some sturdy, non-breakable plates or bowls that fit in well with the theme of your business, then it will be worth the extra money to get them.

2. Opt for Cost friendly menus

You don’t have to order the fanciest gourmet dish around to make a tasty and satisfying meal. Choose items that are on sale, or get creative when making a menu – people will be more likely to order a dish if it is familiar or something they have had before.

4. Limit the number of dishes you offer

Too many entrees can be overwhelming for your guests, and if you are ordering food from multiple vendors, you will probably end up with more than enough food anyway. Focus on offering two or three dishes that can make up a full meal for most people.

5. Opt for Buffet-Style Service

Your guests won’t have the advantage of an endless selection of food, but they will be able to help themselves to more of the items that they love. With a buffet style set-up, you won’t have to worry about your guests not getting the chance to try everything on the menu.

6. Use Condiments Wisely

Candy bars and chips are often provided by catering companies to fill out a meal, but they can also take up portions of space on a plate that would otherwise be used for your main dish. Condiments also add cost to your bill, as most caterers bill for any amount of condiments. So, use them sparingly.

7. Use Crafty Tricks

If you have a large meal, you can give out different portions of food to your guests, then fill the extra space on their plates with the condiments or side dishes. You will be able to give them enough food for a satisfying meal without spending too much for extras that they won’t use.

8. Do Enough Planning

You should have a general idea of how many items you will serve at your event. This way, you can choose the dishes that will take up the most space on your menu. You can then use the remaining menu space to offer an appetizer or two that people can share.

9. Ask for Help

You don’t have to do everything yourself when it comes to catering. The more help you have, the less you will end up paying for food and service. Ask local food services and catering companies if they have any contacts, they can offer you that would be willing to work with your business on a regular basis.

10. Avoid Fancy Extras

If you are holding a business meeting, then you don’t need to go out of your way to bring in entertainment or small gifts. If a member of your staff was able to plan the event, then go ahead and provide a token gift from the company, but save the fancy extras for more festive occasions.

11. Hire Reputable Caterers

This is probably the most important tip on this list, as a bad caterer can do more harm than good when you are working to keep catering costs affordable. Avoid using cheap catering services or asking friends to make food for you. You need a professional caterer who will provide appetizing food at an affordable price.

If you follow these tips, then you can have a high-quality meal without spending too much money on your business catering. You just need to be willing to stick to some minor changes and make a few concessions.

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