Unique Catering Ideas for Your Family Reunion at Zilker Park: An Austin Special

Unique Catering Ideas for Your Family Reunion at Zilker Park: An Austin Special

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Austin, Texas is a city that revels in its uniqueness, from its “Keep Austin Weird” slogan to its vibrant music and food scenes. So, when it comes to hosting a family reunion, what better place to gather than Zilker Park, Austin’s 350-acre playground? But the setting isn’t the only thing that should be authentically Austin—your catering should be too.

In this blog, we’ll delve into some unique catering ideas that capture the spirit of Austin while ensuring your family reunion is a hit.

Local Ingredients, Austin Flavors

Start by looking at caterers who focus on locally sourced ingredients. Austin has a thriving farm-to-table movement, which means you’ll not only get fresh, quality foods but also flavors that are unique to Central Texas.

Foods to Consider:

  • Smoked Brisket Tacos: A Texas twist on a Mexican classic.
  • Pecan Pie Bites: A nod to the state tree of Texas.
  • Austin Avocado Toast: Infused with local spices and herbs.

Food Stations with an Austin Twist

Instead of traditional catering setups, consider food stations where guests can customize their dishes.

Station Ideas:

  1. BBQ Station: Offering different types of meats and Austin-style BBQ sauces.
  2. Taco Bar: Featuring a variety of fillings, from breakfast tacos to “street-style” options.
  3. Craft Beer and Margarita Stand: Showcasing local Austin breweries and unique margarita mixes.

Catering for the Austin Music Lover

In a city known for its live music, why not bring the Austin music scene to your event? Many local caterers offer themed menus based around Austin’s musical heritage.

Ideas for Musical Catering:

  • Willie Nelson Chili Bar: Inspired by Austin’s country roots.
  • ACL (Austin City Limits) Finger Foods: Small bites that are perfect for grazing while listening to a live band.
  • 6th Street Snack Mix: An assortment of snacks that reflect the eclectic taste of one of Austin’s most famous streets.

Austin Picnic

Keeping it Green

Austin is a city that loves its green spaces, and Zilker Park is a testament to that. To keep in line with the eco-friendly vibe, consider caterers who offer sustainable options.

Sustainable Choices:

  • Reusable Dishware: Over disposable options.
  • Compostable Napkins: Made from recycled materials.
  • Zero-Waste Stations: To ensure all materials are either recycled or composted.

The Sweet Ending

Round off the reunion with some beloved Austin sweet treats.

Dessert Ideas:

  • Gourmet Donuts from Local Bakeries: Think Gourdough’s or Little Lucy’s.
  • Vegan Ice Cream: In flavors that are as weird and wonderful as Austin itself.
  • Mozart’s Coffee Dessert Bar: With pastries and coffee from the famed Lake Austin café.

Your family reunion in Zilker Park isn’t just about gathering your loved ones; it’s also about celebrating Austin in all its quirky glory. With these unique catering ideas, your event is sure to be one that captures the essence of this incredible city.

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