Wedding Catering: Which Reception Style is Best for Your Wedding

Wedding Catering: Which Reception Style is Best for Your Wedding

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A wedding is a festivity comprising of love, laughter and tears which brings not just two souls together but their entire families as well. It is a unique and memorable event of anyone’s life so people celebrate it with lots of care and start planning and deciding for the decor and especially the food beforehand.

A wedding may be an unforgettable moment for both the bride and groom but making it memorable for the guests and respective families a lot of effort needs to be put in and that is only possible with the right choices in the food selection area.

Choosing a wedding reception style is one remarkable way of personalizing your big day and eventually making it a dream wedding. The reception style not only reflects the personality of both the bride and groom but also shed light on their preferences as whether they want a traditional, classical, boho or casual wedding. Be sure to discuss any ideas you have with your caterer as they will be able to help guide you and help pull the reception of your dreams into reality. Here are some of the reception styles widely preferred

Sit-Down Dinner

It is one of the most traditional styles of celebrating a wedding and largely appeals the older generation. The tables would be styled and settled before the wedding with center pieces, flower arrangements, dinner plates, silver and glasses. It consists of three or more courses served to guests on the already arranged tables at intervals by the wait staff who are waiting nearby at their assigned area. One of the plus points of this type of seating arrangement is that the guest will not need to worry about the food and all the hustle included as they would be served at their respective tables all on the same time.

This reception style is also popular as it gives the bride and groom a perfect space to enjoy the cake cutting ceremony and do their speeches without being photo-bombed while the guests are enjoying both the food and the cake cutting and speeches.

One other important aspect of this wedding is that it is budget friendly as well including little food wastage. The bride and groom have little to worry as this reception style is not just simple but also allows the caterer to handle while both the bride and groom enjoy their big day.

The Buffet

This type of reception features food served at one or more long tables. The guests take their plates and go down the table and chooses food from their available preferences. Afterwards they go towards their assigned or unassigned tables to enjoy their food.

This particular option works well for 100 plus guests and gives everyone a lot of variety to choose from. This option also saves money as you don’t have to hire wait staff for the serving and guests will fill their plates according to their need and preferences.

Food Stations

Food stations are somewhat similar to buffet dinner as guests themselves have to choose food from different food stations and then go towards their assigned or unassigned seats to enjoy it. The main difference is that instead of one long table different food stations are installed with themes. For example, all the desserts might be at one station while all the chicken related items would be at a different station. For salads and starters one food station is assigned while one food station might be totally dedicated to barbeque items. The type and number of food stations is decided by the bride and groom and is also determined by the number of guests as well.

This option also really works well for large groups of people and is also preferred by those who are on a strict diet or are choosy. This type of wedding reception is also well enjoyed as guests have more time to interact with people around while they go from one station to another.

Hors D’oeuvre Reception

This reception style is perfect for smaller weddings. It is up to your wedding caterer to station or tray pass the hors d’oeuvre during the welcome. You can choose from a variety of options from Asian inspired to traditional tastes or maybe a customized menu. Guests are entertained during a cocktail hour before dinner.

Whatever reception style you prefer, you need to remember that it is your day and you will remember it for the rest of your life. So don’t forget to have fun and enjoy.

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