Service Supervisor

Our team of service supervisors are trained and experienced professionals who can ensure that your event runs smoothly and efficiently. They will oversee the catering staff and service, making sure that everything is executed according to plan and to the highest standards of service.

Our service supervisors will arrive at the event early to set up the service area and prepare the catering staff for the event. They will supervise the staff during the event, ensuring that everything is running on schedule and that all guests are being attended to.

If there are any issues or unexpected situations, our service supervisors will handle them promptly and efficiently. They will also communicate with the event coordinator and other vendors to ensure that the event is running smoothly and according to plan.

Our team of service supervisors are experts in their field and can provide a range of services, including overseeing the setup and breakdown of the service area, managing the flow of guests, ensuring that all food and beverages are served promptly and efficiently, and maintaining a clean and organized service area throughout the event.

With our service supervisors on hand, you can relax and enjoy your event, knowing that everything is being taken care of. Contact us today to learn more about our event staffing services and how our service supervisors can make your event a success!

  • Event food and beverage service professional who exhibits strong management and organizational skills.
  • Onsite during the event from start to completion directing the service staff to ensure that the event timeline is adhered to.
  • Important liaison between the event coordinator/client and the service staff and is required for all weddings and other intricate events involving rental equipment and pre-event planning and coordination meetings.
  • Oversees the load in, load out, and set up, tear down of the event.

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